Why are my premiums going up?

Why are my premiums going up? In the insurance world, we are now experiencing what they call a “hard market.” So, what does that mean? Rates and coverage amounts are increasing. Many premiums are increasing due to inflation costs of materials, replacement parts, labor, medical costs, increasing accident severity, and the insurance company’s own rising reinsurance costs. Certain optional coverages are being reduced or removed. Companies are restricting what they take and are adopting a more cautious and selective approach when underwriting insurance policies on new business and renewals. Insurance companies are even non-renewing policies with certain risks [...]

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment Time! You may have heard it multiple times - - it is open enrollment time! Each year during this time, you can change or enroll health plans in the Marketplace. You may also enroll or change plans for the Medicare Part D prescription drug plan. To enroll or change plans for health insurance on the Marketplace, open enrollment is now until December 15th. To enroll or change plans for Medicare Part D, open enrollment is now until December 7th. No matter what your needs are, let Saylor Insurance guide you!

Peer-to-Peer Car Rental

To Turo or Not to Turo You probably have heard of Uber or Lyft, but have you heard of Turo? This is a peer-to-peer carsharing company that allows private car owners to rent out their vehicles to others. Sound like a great idea? Well, not so fast. There may be issues with your own car insurance, so click the link here to read more about Turo and the issues you may face. Peer-to-Peer Car Rental You can also find the article in the “Resources” section, within “Insurance 101”, and also see answers to other basic insurance questions [...]

New Partnership with Heiman Crop

Saylor Insurance Announces New Partnership With Heiman Crop! Saylor Insurance is excited to announce that they have now partnered with Heiman Crop Insurance Agency in Seneca! Since 1980, Heiman Crop has a long-standing reputation for providing excellent service to its customers.  In addition, Heiman Crop will now operate as Heiman Crop & Insurance Service and has expanded its insurance services to include all types of insurance including home, auto, farm, commercial, Medicare Supplement, and life.  There is no change in either office location or phone number and you will still see the same familiar faces when you walk [...]

Knowledge is your best defense during a claim

When it comes to insurance, knowledge is your best defense during a claim.  With all of the melting snow and ice, along with the rains and flooding, we want to make you aware that water damage such as floods, sewer back-ups, and water that seeps through the foundation are excluded on a standard homeowner or dwelling policy.  On most policies, you can add coverage for sewer back up/sump pump failure, and you can also purchase a separate “Flood” policy to cover flooding.  Contact us to learn more! Ready to talk [...]

Tips for Walking on Ice

One rather large aquatic bird that has figured out the correct way of walking on ice is the penguin!  Here are a few tips to minimize your risk of a fall: Keep your weight forward and on your front foot. Keep your arms out by your side to help you balance Walk flat footed and take short shuffling steps Wear footwear that provides traction Step down, not out from curbs Keep your knees slightly bent Walk on snow or grass if possible The next time you are walking on ice, just remember these tips and walk [...]

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