We know that insurance is something that you buy hoping you’ll never need. However, when the need arises, Saylor Insurance Service is there for you, helping you to take the steps necessary to move on and make the needed changes.

When you have a claim, you have two options available to you. You may choose to

  • Contact your agent
  • Contact the company directly whose coverage you purchased

Contacting your agent

During business hours, you can call your agent for quick service. You can also choose to email us, but we would ask that you email the agency rather than your individual agent. In case your agent is unavailable for a day or so, we want to be able to address your needs quickly. By emailing the agency, your claim will be addressed more promptly.

Sabetha Phone: (785) 284-3435

Seneca Phone: (785) 336-3540

Sabetha Fax: (785) 284-2134

Seneca Fax: (785) 336-2239


Contacting the company directly

If you choose to contact the company who issued your policy directly, you will need to have your policy number for the company representative to reference. A policy number as well as additional information for your company can be found on your policy. You can also find information about contacting individual companies at their web sites, which can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate company on Our Companies page.